With whom

Clienti e partner, sinergie con le diverse specificità.


We support our clients in pursuing a shared goal, with complete transparency in terms of times and strategies.

(Italiano) Laboratorio artigianale Galbignani
(Italiano) SitVerba
(Italiano) Geodetica Italian Stars
(Italiano) Panificio Zorzi
(Italiano) Tenute Sella
(Italiano) Oldfloor Italy
(Italiano) Oldfloor Hungary
(Italiano) Matteo Ragni Studio
(Italiano) Making Glass
(Italiano) Futura
(Italiano) Come una volta
(Italiano) Artigianpiada
(Italiano) Twentyfourseven
(Italiano) Laboratorio Gastronomico Due AA
(Italiano) Axtra
(Italiano) MastroCesare
(Italiano) Omlat
(Italiano) Passoni Nature
(Italiano) Qualità Club
(Italiano) Querox
(Italiano) Carandini
(Italiano) Armando de Angelis
(Italiano) Bevi più naturale
(Italiano) Bottiglie Aperte
(Italiano) Campagnola
(Italiano) Ortona
(Italiano) Faram
(Italiano) Il vecchio forno
(Italiano) Giass
(Italiano) Morato

Case History

We gain when the client wins the challenge.


Goals shared with our Partners, multiplied energies and common strategies for a single goal.

business school

CUOA of Altavilla Vicentina – Fondazione CUOA, one of the first business schools in Italy, carries out entrepreneurial and managerial training and development activities: MBAs and master courses, executive courses and custom projects for companies, professionals and managers.
Training and consulting for the banking and finance sectors.


Aliante Business Solution

Aliante Partners is a financial and industrial advisor for investment holdings operating in the food, furnishing, clothing, mechanics and renewable energy sectors. The firm mainly deals with research and the management of relations with Italian and foreign investors, as well as defining organisational strategies, seeking new investment opportunities, developing subsidiaries, disinvestments and stock exchange quotations.


Consulenze commerciali - Partner di Aliante Business Solution

Agenzia Barbanera is a service and consultancy centre for the development of the commercial and organisational chain of companies. The Agency’s activity will be structured by making a distinction between the performance in the management of a business and support for the organisation in various areas such as sales and consulting.

ABS investment

ABS Investment is a firm of Aliante Business Solution dedicated to raising funds to finance business ventures and start-up companies set up by ABS.

Consulenza aziendale - Partner di Aliante Business Solution

Mecctek – Mecctek’s mission is to help SMEs in strategic “Made in Italy” manufacturing sectors to be competitive, grow and internationalise, enabling them to have access to the skills, services and financial resources needed to carry out development projects or, in the most delicate cases, ensure business continuity.


Studio Baccani e associati - Partner di Aliante Business Solution

Studio Baccani e Associati – Founded in 2002, it offers consultancy services with the assistance of experienced professionals in the legal, accounting, tax and corporate areas. It operates in both the direct and indirect tax sectors, assisting clients in dealing with public bodies, financial administration and tax litigation bodies.


Ricerca e selezione del personale - Partner di Aliante Business Solution

GM Consulting: A company specialising in the research and selection of personnel, in particular with regard to high profiles. Founded in 1996, it boasts a solid experience in the search for top managers.


Network di consulenza economico finanziaria - Partner di Aliante Business Solution

BLC – A network of companies with expertise in specific areas, whose synergistic collaboration is effective in providing companies with financial and economic advice integrated in a single partner.