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Our formulaAbout ABS

We establish results and the time required to achieve them.
We gain when our client wins a challenge.

ABS is a consulting company that works alongside its clients to improve processes and allow companies to express their full potential. We can help you develop managerial skills to optimise costs and organisation and expand your business.
ABS is part of the Aliante Group, an investment holding company that focuses mainly on small and medium-sized enterprises and enhances “Made in Italy” excellence. The Aliante Group has acquired leading companies in the food and furnishing industries and has relaunched them together with ABS with new management and business strategies.
Our daily challenge is supporting the group’s companies and third-party clients: a successful experience for all companies that want to make a qualitative leap.
A daily support based on projects customised for each of the company’s critical areas. The aim is to provide our clients with effective, stable and repeatable models.

Every company has an extraordinary story, on the basis of which ABS builds the future.

MissionGrowth strategies, delivering results

The goal of the ABS project is to support the companies of the Aliante Group and third-party companies in implementing growth strategies and in achieving tangible results in the long run.

Our job is to help our clients reorganise processes to extract value from their company, so it can effectively and efficiently deal with the reference context.

Our method is based on four fundamental points:

Developing managerial skills: entrepreneurs and organisations assimilate a culture devoted to improving and controlling performance.
Creating Lean Six Sigma culture: companies adopt principles aimed at organising processes in an essential manner, eliminating any waste.
Optimising costs: together with our clients, we analyse the tools that the company already has and how it is using them.
Developing business: after having standardised processes that have already been implemented, we help our partners expand their network and increase sales.
Our performance is measured on the company’s ability to achieve clear and measurable results.

SpecialisationsProfessionals, experiences and networks

The ABS team, coordinated by a management team, is made up of professionals who have decided to share their own experiences and reference networks, making them available for joint projects.

Sales and organisation

Lean Six


Strategies and

Administration and


ABS has chosen to follow the same principles as the Aliante Group, adopting the code of ethics that all partners abide by when investing in Aliante.

A document based on three fundamental principles: transparency, fairness and loyalty. It promotes quality and condemns any recourse to unlawful or dishonest conduct towards the community, public authorities, clients, workers, shareholders, suppliers and competitors. By supporting this code, we strive to make sure that the excellence of the products and services we offer is founded on customer service and readiness in meeting their demands. Always respecting people and the environment.


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