What and how

Non tutte le idee sono progetti. Scopri in cosa e come facciamo la differenza.

Not all ideas are projectsin what and how we make a difference

A project is an activity that is carried out for a limited period of time, uses dedicated resources, has specific goals and requires a well-defined organisation.

This – and only this – is the field in which ABS works, seeking to satisfy its clients by implementing projects with clear objectives, on schedule and with sustainable results.

The method used is called Lean Six Sigma, which combines techniques designed to reduce unexpected effects with other techniques to streamline and speed up processes.

On the one hand, the company organisation theory that made Toyota great after the Second World War. On the other hand, the quality management programme developed by Motorola in the 1980s.

The ABS rope: our goal, your results

Given a corporate context, within a reference market, the services provided by ABS are the means that allow companies to find and express their potential and their value, which is often hidden. Our goal are your results: the financial and economic growth that your company wants to achieve with us.

Hidden potential is like water at the bottom of a well: specific tools are needed to extract it and use it at best. At ABS, we can be the rope that, by pivoting around your team, can help you achieve and value your potential in the reference market.

Aliante Business Solution - Strategia di business

Improvementas a continuous cycle

Lean Six Sigma: improvement as a 5 step cycle.

the problem


MEASUREDescribe the problem and determine its solutions


ANALYSEGet to the root of the problem through empirical data.


IMPROVEImplement the solution


CONTROLVerify and support the results achieved.


The ABS Project and Open Innovation consulting solutions

The list of services ABS offers to companies, professionals and start-up companies covers a company’s entire life cycle, in all its aspects.


Sales and internationalisation Construction of sales networks in Italy and abroad.
Brokerage, trading and selling.

  • Analysis of existing processes
    Opening to national and international markets
  • Construction of sales networks
  • Selling
  • Foreign trade back office

Lean Six Sigma Eliminating waste and stabilising processes across the entire value chain, from the supplier to the client.

  • Analysis and identification of critical issues?
  • Measuring
  • Data analysis and finding solutions
  • Implementing improvements
  • Checking results

Human ResourcesResearch and selection of high profiles, temporary management, executive scouting.

  • Analysis of organisational processes
  • Measuring potential
  • Matrix of skills
  • Structuring contracts and performance KPI
  • Management training
  • Relations with trade unions
  • Search and selection of top and middle management


Strategy and organisationCreation of industrial plans and governance systems, research, selection, support and integration of managerial figures.

  • Construction and drafting of the industrial plan
  • Support in plan implementation and in the management of corporate organisational processes
  • Monitoring and control
  • Certification of the industrial plan

Administration and financeOptimising administrative and back office processes, managing working capital, debt research and restructuring, reporting and performance indicators.

  • Financial strategy
  • Financial organisation and planning
  • Researching bank debts and management of existing relationships
  • Reporting systems
  • Researching tenders and managing / obtaining contributions
  • Administrative back office

Special projectsSupporting and funding start-up companies, investment analysis

  • Start-up companies and synergies

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